7 Indian Christians who need your prayers right now

May 14, 2020 by Open Doors in Persecution updates

Christians in India are being deeply mistreated during the coronavirus pandemic. In the midst of a country-wide lockdown, Christians are being skipped over for food and medical aid, beaten and abused, and treated as second-class citizens.

We asked an Open Doors on-the-ground partner to share a few stories from the COVID-19 situation, focusing on how Christians are being treated differently just because they follow Jesus. She told us there are many stories like this—but that she could share a few anonymously to protect the believers from farther abuse. Here are seven Christians (or Christian families) in India who need our prayer and support in the midst of this health crisis:

We have to withhold certain details [about these believers] to not give away the identity of these Christians, or else they will be punished for sharing the information with us. In some cases, we have been able to help; in others, we’re still hoping to reach them soon:

1. There was a family recently who didn’t receive help from the local village authorities. The Hindus [who lead the village] said the Christians already received help from foreigners. But they were laborers who had lost their income, and nobody gave them any supplies to survive.

Pray for this family’s safety and emergency needs. Pray their persecutors will realize the love of Jesus and see His truth. Pray the believers will be able to stand strong and will not go hungry or be left without support.

2. Another family lives in a village where the government came to give food aid. These Christians were bypassed. Fortunately, one of our partners was able to give them some groceries.

Pray for this family that was discriminated against by the government. Pray they will be safe and healthy. Thank God an Open Doors partner was able to deliver some groceries, and pray this sort of support will be able to continue.

3. A disabled Christian man, Nathan*, and his family of six were also bypassed for relief. He can’t walk, but still the local people won’t give him and his family any food. The family has been opposed by the village since they came to faith.

Pray for Nathan and his family. Pray they would be able to get food relief, and their neighbors and community would stop treating them so poorly. Pray Nathan’s family would be a light for Jesus in the midst of extreme difficulty.

Food relief—supported by Open Doors partners—is loaded on a truck for Indian Christians.

Food relief—supported by Open Doors partners—is loaded on a truck for Indian Christians.

4. Another Christian, Gerard*, was expelled from his village and after living elsewhere for some time, he tried to return home. The village chief tries to force him to leave again. While everyone else in the village received food rations, this Christian was neglected. A local house owner has also filed a false murder accusation against him.

Pray for Gerard as he tries to survive this pandemic and also deals with the false murder charge. Pray the local house owner would have a change of heart, and would see the love of Jesus inside of Gerard. Pray Gerard’s village would accept him and allow him access to food and aid. 

5. We also received a cry for help from a family of five. The police have been threatening them because they are Christians and do ministry. Now everyone in their village received relief aid, except for the Christian families.

Pray for this family as they strive to continue working and living in God’s calling, even as they are opposed by local authorities. Pray God would give them boldness and courage, and they would have the wisdom to walk in God’s will. Pray they will be given relief aid so they can continue to share the gospel. 

6. A day laborer who lives on his daily wages, Adrian*, told us he lives in a plastic hut. Everybody around him received food to survive except for him—because of his faith in Jesus.

Pray for Adrian as he tries to live and thrive in the midst of a health crisis. Pray he would get access to food, and would be a powerful witness of Jesus’ love to his neighbors. Pray for day laborers like him, that Jesus would provide for them and they would see Him as their provider and helper. 

7. An older widow, Davina*, and nine other family members were neglected during a food distribution in her village. Fortunately, our partners were able to provide for her.

Pray for Davina and her family. Pray they would know they are loved and prayed for by God’s global family, and that they would be able to continue receiving food relief. Pray for Davina and her family members as they seek to be salt and light in a village that seems to despise them for their faith. 

These are just a few examples. The lockdowns have already cut off vulnerable persecuted Christians. Even if the government comes to their village, it’s not certain they will receive aid. In many cases, they are dependent on food deliveries from Christians. This is why Open Doors is working through partners on the ground to deliver emergency relief, spiritual encouragement and food to Indian Christians who are struggling to survive. Open Doors was founded to “strengthen what remains”—during the coronavirus pandemic, we also have the responsibility to help Indian Christians “remain.”

*Names and identities have been disguised to protect security.

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For Christians in India and around the world who are already persecuted for their faith, the global pandemic is making life even more difficult. They have less access to healthcare, medicines and community services. Open Doors is committed to standing with the least of these—to ensure that the vulnerable have what they need too. God’s people need our help urgently—will you give today?

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