8 Ways You Can Be a Voice for the Persecuted Church

May 14, 2018 by Lindy Lowry in Supporter Stories

Did you know that:

More than any time in modern history, Christian persecution is increasing worldwide with more and more instances of Christian torture. In more than 60 countries today, Christians risk isolation, ridicule, imprisonment, loss of their homes, torture, rape and even death for their faith in Jesus.

Open Doors is on the frontlines in these countries standing with suffering believers and equipping the Church. And we’re doing it through people like you who recognize our call as Christians to stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ and be a voice for the persecuted Church.

We have more than 200 volunteers in the United States who are partnering with us to create awareness of persecuted believers and to pray for, encourage and advocate for them. Recently, we asked our volunteers to share their best ideas for talking about Christian persecution, and the responses poured in. Below they offer specific ways you can begin to be a voice for our persecuted family.

8 Idea Starters

As God’s people, we have the opportunity to make a lasting impact in the lives of persecuted believers and in the lives of those around us. Our volunteers have seen firsthand how our faith and prayer life changes when we begin to learn and care about the persecuted Church.

How will you be a voice for persecuted Christians today?

We’d love to hear your stories and ideas for making the persecuted Church unavoidable to the American Church!  Please share your experiences and tips in the comments below or email us [email protected]. Open Doors is looking for people who want to use their time, talents and energies to stand with their brothers and sisters in Christ. 

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