Voices of Hope from North Korea

Korean Chinese Pastor Martyred by North Korean Spies

Pastor Han always knew the potential cost of his ministry to North Korean refugees.
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Egypt women

What Do Christians Need to Know About Other Religions?

What do we need to know to share the gospel with people from other faiths?
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Likes, Comments, Shares and...Gospel?

As an Open Doors-supported Facebook campaign in the Middle East is going viral at the moment, we take a look at social media’s role in the Christian life and gospel proclamation.
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The Bangsamoro Basic Law

In today's PFA blog, we take a look at the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law in the southern Philippines, and how it might affect relations between Christians and Muslims in the region.
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Sitting in the Suffering

My first week at Open Doors I was immersed into a culture where persecution and suffering for Christ is the norm and sometimes even rejoiced in. This context baffled me. Who would be thankful for suffering in persecution?
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Learn How Christians Are Affected By The Refugee Crisis

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