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Believer Shares the Gospel After Attending an Open Doors Training

Sister Raikhan* dreamed of being an evangelist, but she had no idea where to start. She lacked confidence and was recently fired from her job. Raikhan also knew that if she talked about Christ openly, she could be stopped by the police and fined. In her country, a person could be detained by the police for distributing Bibles and pamphlets with religious content.
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Shunned For His Faith

As he placed the last book on the shelf, Ravshan began to panic. Were the books in the same order he had found them in? He frantically tried to calculate the odds that his family would find the Bible hidden at the back. "Being discovered isn't an option," he reminded himself...
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Eight Left Dead in Democratic Republic of Congo After Attack

Citizens in the town of Beni, located in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), are shaken as eight people died at the hand of Islamist militant Allied Democratic Force (ADF).
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Persecution + King David

When we think of those from the Bible who faced persecution, we often think of Paul or Job. King David faced great trials for his faith; even after being anointed king, he was still on the run for his life. He hid in caves and was always hiding from King Saul. A few things are worth studying in regards to how David, a man after God’s own heart, faced and dealt with persecution...
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Should Persecuted Christians Be Thankful?

We often fall into the tradition of thanking God for our freedom, homes or even family members. These are all such deep blessings from God. When considering persecuted Christians, however, they often do not have any of these things. They often are stripped of freedom, comforts and community. Do persecuted Christians have anything to be thankful for?
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