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Being a Christian in North Korea

While North Korea ramps up their missile testing cycle and also cuts off communication with the U.S., pressure within North Korea is rising. We know what this means: increased danger for Christians.
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Clinton, the DNC + Religious Persecution

Join with us in asking Clinton to address ever-increasing religious persecution around the world and how she personally will respond.Sign here>>
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Muslim Extremists Question Legality of Catholic Prayer Site

Last week, the Islamic Society Forum (FUI) contested a church’s legally obtained permit establishing a Catholic place of prayer.
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Direct Impact

As I sat in that conference room listening to one of our partners share about life and ministry in the Middle East, I realized, maybe not for the first time, but certainly at a deeper level than ever before, that our actions here in the States can have a direct effect on our brothers and sisters in other areas of the world. 
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Trump, the RNC + Religious Persecution

You’ve seen news of the Republican National Convention (RNC) light up your news feed. Today is the day that Donald Trump has been officially nominated, and the world is buzzing.Join with us in asking Trump to address how he will respond to ever-increasing religious persecution around the world and how he personally will respond.
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