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Pray For This Pastor As He Faces An Impossible Choice

For Pastor Omar* in Central Asia, preaching the gospel could very well cost him everything. Last week, the National Security Department summoned him with a warning that he must stop holding church meetings, threatening arrest and imprisonment should he not comply.
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"We Are Victims of Boko Haram Violence"

The Islamic extremist group Boko Haram appears in the news daily with their most current plot of destruction, and their attacks are often aimed at Christians throughout Nigeria. These three individuals have been personally affected by their attacks. Here are their stories:
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Christian Youth in the Middle East Share their Lives Online

Open Doors is initiating the social media project I Share Life – Young Christians Online in the Middle East. The goal is to facilitate Christian youth from Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to use their online presence to share the love of Christ online in the Arab world. This fits into Open Doors’ mission to build the capacity of the Church in the Middle East to share its message in the region.
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What Can You Do?

Consider this… 16,000 students, Thousands of handwritten messages, Hundreds of tweets and Instagram photos, 9 World Watch List countries, 1 powerful night of prayer...this was the kind of event I only dreamed of!
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Advocacy WWL Petition

Share the 2016 Open Doors World Watch List with President Obama

As the 2016 World Watch List is released, we encourage you to add your name to this petition to the President.
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Learn How Christians Are Affected By The Refugee Crisis

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