Body Broken, Faith Intact – Temis From Tanzania

March 24, 2016 by Open Doors in Africa

The Attack

It’s been about a year-and-a-half now since two friends, Temis and Dioniz, decided to spend the night at their church to continue praying for a revival. During the night, Temis began to dream of fighting unknown attackers. His dream then merged into terrifying reality when he felt the searing pain of a machete hacking into his body. He instinctively jumped up, thinking he was still dreaming. Blocking the blows with his hands and arms, he soon realized his nightmare was real.

The attackers had spotlights on their foreheads and machetes in their hands. Temis started shouting for help. He fought back and tried to get away, but realized his left leg had been cut to the bone. The pain caused him to drop to the floor. He saw another man attacking Dioniz, who was no longer moving.

Temis’ shouts for help caused the men to run away. He dragged himself along the floor to the door, still screaming.

The Call

Someone called Temis’ wife, Deborah, to tell her the agonizing news. “I had spoken with my husband when he was at the church but was shocked when a friend phoned to tell me he had been killed! I thought I would faint,” she says.

“I found strength and rushed to the hospital where I thankfully found him alive, but he was very badly wounded,” she recounts. “I was terrified that he would die. I cried, but at that time a word from God came into my mind: ‘Be strong and courageous for I am with you and him. He will not die, but will live to declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.’ This word kept sounding in my mind and heart, especially when I became agitated. God strengthened me that day,” explains Deborah.

While Temis survived, Dioniz sadly died of severe injuries to his head. His widow Faith has since relocated to another town with their two young sons.

The Healer

The attack has had a devastating effect on Temis and his family.

“I have been told I cannot work for at least 15 years because of the injuries,” shared Temis. His right thumb was sliced off, while the nerves in both his hands are so damaged that he can no longer extend or fold his fingers. Metal pins in his legs make walking, and even standing, painful.

“It is a miracle that he can even walk!” says Deborah. “The doctors told us he would only walk after about two years, but God worked it that he was walking by six months. Christ is good and He is the Healer. Your visit has also encouraged us greatly. It is heart-warming to see proof that we are cared for. May God bless you all!”

While the attack has managed to break Temis’ body, it has not broken his faith. In fact, it has fueled his desire to teach people about Christ. “I desire to become a preacher of the Word. May God help me actualize this dream!”

Temis is currently working with Open Doors to find business opportunities to support his family.

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