A Mother’s Difficult Decision

May 21, 2016 by Brianna Nishie in ,

A few nights ago, an Open Doors fieldworker and his wife had a long talk with a mother from Central Asia. The mother is married to a local house pastor. They have a 6-year-old son, who can be described as joyful, with a passion to sing–loudly. Typically, parents would love for their child to behave in this manner. However, because of religious restrictions in Central Asia, this behavior is dangerous.

Their son is very enthused to share the love of Christ with everyone he meets. The mother said, “He recently asked me if his friend is going to heaven if he dies and I said, ‘If he doesn’t know Christ, then probably not.’” Her son then said “Then I have to tell him about Jesus!”

The mother is concerned because her son’s zeal for Christ presents a danger to both the secret church and the seminars they conduct. Yet, she doesn’t want to tell her son not to share the gospel. She has asked for advice and prayers from the Body of Christ worldwide.

Pray that God will give the mother wisdom in this situation. Pray that God leads this child and family to be proud of the gospel, but also to share it wisely, with discernment, in their country.

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