A Prayer for North Korea

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

I was having a late dinner with some friends on Sunday night, when one of them looked at their phone and said there was breaking news- Kim Jong-Il had died!

We were all caught off guard- we knew that this would bring significant change to the country of North Korea…we just didn’t know what this change would look like. We knew that his son, Kim Jong-Un was next in line to lead North Korea. We knew little about this leader (we didn’t even know his exact age). We also knew that some speculated that he would be a worse leader than his father, others speculated that he could be more lenient. With all of the unknown, we knew that there was only one thing that we could do; Pray.

So, in the middle of the busy Los Angeles restaurant, we bowed our heads and prayed. We prayed that God would touch the heart of Kim Jong-Un. We prayed that he would have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, so that he could be a Godly leader to the people of North Korea.

We still do not know what the future will look like for North Korea, so it is our responsibility to pray. Will you join Open Doors in praying for the people of North Korea? Thank you for your commitment to pray for this country where Christians face the worst persecution on earth.  


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