A Prayer for Peace From Sri Lanka

April 27, 2018 by Lindy Lowry in Asia


It broke my heart to hear about the bomb blasts that killed my brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka on Easter.

I am shocked and angry. I wonder why You allow these things to happen. But Lord, Your ways are higher than my ways and Your thoughts, deeper than my thoughts. Lord, help me, help Your children see the light of Your grace in this darkness.

Lord, this incident brings chaos, grief and irreplaceable loss of loved ones amongst the Christian community in the country. What should I do in times like these?

My brothers and sisters need comforting words, hands to carry them through their darkest days, and hope to see them through these tumultuous times.

Lord what can I do now?

Lord how can I sit still and be quiet when parts of your Body is suffering?

“Child,” You say, “Pray.”

Lord I pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit to cover the grieving families.

I pray for strength and perseverance for the Christians in Sri Lanka. Victims and their families are suffering loss, shock and trauma. Heal them Lord. Heal their hearts, their bodies, their souls.

I pray for wisdom for the Christian leaders to lead believers to make wise decisions during this fateful time.

I pray for peace amongst the ethnic and religious groups in Sri Lanka. 

I pray for the safety and strength of the Open Doors field team.

I pray against the hatred and the heart of vengeance present in the heart of those who detonated the bombs. I pray for the government to take appropriate action and to bring justice—Your justice—to Sri Lanka and its people.

I am comforted knowing that You will take your children in Your loving arms. I am assured knowing that they are with You, though they leave a huge emptiness in the hearts of their families. I pray for comfort and assurance and healing from shock and trauma for the families of Your children.

Lord, I pray for Your intervention, for Your presence and comfort. Help me to keep praying for my brothers and sisters.

Lord Jesus, I keep my hope in You, and I pray for Your mercy and grace to be over us all.


Join your sister in prayer by posting on this special prayer wall for Sri Lanka. Lift up your brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka and ask God to bring His hope to the devastation.