A Story from Iran

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


On her way to school Bita had to force herself not to sing as it is forbidden for girls to sing in Iran. She already knows some songs about Jesus. Her parents taught these to her and she learned them during the special meetings for children in the Christian group her parents go to. But that is a big secret.

At school she cannot share with the other children about Jesus and the group. As far as she knows, none of the other children have Christian parents. Daddy explains many times that it is better for her and their safety, if Bita does not speak at all about the change of faith of her parents. Until now Bita has managed to obey his words.

Last night she did not sleep well; as so often she dreamt about strange men entering their home and taking her father and mother with them. Some days ago, she heard her parents whisper about a telephone call her dad had received. When she looked into the living room they seemed really scared and worried. She decided not to enter the room. After that she overheard her parents pray very emotionally. When she finally entered the living room half an hour later, her mother smiled again and hugged her.


*not actual photo of Bita

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