A Story of Persecution from Indonesia

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in



Local Muslims in Banda Aceh, Indonesia beat and mocked two Christian workers, Roy Tyson Kalbulan and Ribur Manulang, on May 30, 2012. The believers were accused of baptizing a Muslim woman named Miriam. The assault lasted for half an hour before the police showed up and arrested the believers.

I was not baptizing Miriam,” said the imprisoned Christian worker Roy. “I met her a week before the attack and she was asking about Isa (Jesus) and baptism. So, I shared my faith in response.” “While I was in her house, there was a man who looked at me without saying a word,” Roy added. “I knew then that something was going to happen, because he was walking around in the house.

Ten minutes later, several men came to the house and they started beating me all of a sudden.” The men stopped beating Roy only when a village official came. As Roy was about to be brought to the village office, a second Christian, Ribur, came from Medan, North Sumatra.

Someone in the agitated crowd recognized her to be Roy’s friend and the mob vented their violence against her. She, along with Roy, was also dragged to the village office. At the office of the village head, the Acehnese Muslims once again beat Roy and Ribur. The ordeal lasted half an hour before the police intervened and brought the believers to the local police office.

After two months in Aceh prison, Christian workers, Roy and Ribur were released from prison.”God has answered our prayers!” said Open Doors worker. “Roy and Ribur are now out of prison. The Banda Aceh police failed to file a strong case against them within the prescribed 60-day period and now they are free.”

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