A Story of Persecution from Kyrgyzstan

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

Christianity in Kyrgyzstan

A young girl named Almas* accepted Jesus during a church meeting. When her parents found out about her decision, they were very upset and took her home to their village. They wanted her to recant and renounce her faith in Christ, so they began to beat her systematically till she lost consciousness. However, Almas did not give in.

It was winter when all of this happened, so her parents put her into a cold room and kept her there for several days. Still they were unable to break her spirit. They then started pulling her hair and put her face against the stove, burning her face. In spite of this, she remained faithful.

Her parents decided to keep a close watch on Almas and burned all her Christian literature. They put her to work in a sewing workshop, where she is forced to work from early in the morning till late in the evening. It has become virtually impossible for Almas to have any contact with her Christian friends.

Please pray for Almas and the other brave believers in Kyrgyzstan who continue to remain faithful, despite the persecution that they face.

*not her real name


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