A Story of Persecution from Libya

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


In a Christian cemetery in Libya, Muslims extremists have destroyed many graves.

“It is a shame, an unbelievable act. And what is the world doing?! What is the difference between this act and the burning of Qurans?” one Christian wondering.

“I wonder if Christians did the same to an Islamic cemetery, what the reaction would have been? Probably not hard to guess- Welcome to the new democracy of Libya!” he stated .

“I know I should pray, but to be honest I find it difficult and hard to do that. I cannot have hate and disgust, but my Lord I am also a human being and these kind of acts make me so angry”, concluded one Christian.  
Please pray for these Christians, as they deal with all these emotions. Pray that the Lord would grant them peace and love for those who have hurt them.


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