A Story of Persecution from Tajikistan

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

Nina* accepted Jesus as her Savior in 2008 through students’ ministry, and she was baptized in 2010. After her conversion she was afraid to tell her parents. She went to the Sunday meetings secretly for half a year and each time she would say she was going to her friends. When she got stronger in her faith she decided to reveal the truth to her parents. It was a step of faith for her, but after she took it she got problems in her family. Her father sent her away and she lived in the church for several days.

Then he called her back home and he began to lock her up in the house on Sundays so she couldn’t go to church. Once when a lady from the church called her, the father took the phone and answered that Nina had died. It was his revenge for her conversion. Soon, her father went to Russia and she was able to go to church again.

This year God blessed her with an opportunity to study at a college. To go there, however, she had to ask permission from her parents. When she mentioned her desire to the family, her mother, brother and sister agreed it was a miracle. But her father still resisted. He said if she went he would curse her.

After a Sunday service where the church prayed for Nina’s father, her mother phoned her and said that he agreed! For Nina it was a testimony of God’s faithfulness.