A Story of Persecution from Tunisia

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

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With Tunisia being so prominently in the news right now, it is a great week to focus on praying for Christians in this country. Here are a couple of their stories:

Today there are about 1500 Tunisian Christians (most of them with a Muslim background). Some meet in the official church buildings in several cities of the country, others meet in house churches. Tahira, a student is one of these Tunisian Christians. Her sister and mother also became Christians. She still lives with her family. She is very open about her faith, even on Facebook she speaks out about this.

Steve recently was threatened by some strict Islamists. “They said to me: ‘Do you know that it is not forbidden to kill you?’ But I didn’t really feel afraid. I could answer them: ‘Yes I know you can do that’. They responded that I was crazy saying that. I said to them: ‘Yes, I am crazy for Jesus’.”   The men then left and didn’t come back.

Steve became a Christian about five years ago through the internet. “I found a site about the Bible and got interested. I got in contact with other Christians and I am going to a house church.”   Both Steve and Tahira participated in a discipleship training that Open Doors organized for Tunisian Christians. The training is one of the ways Open Doors uses to strengthen the Tunisian church.