A Story of Persecution- Jordan

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


Siham was in a deep state of grief because her husband had been killed serving in the military. However, she soon received more disheartening news.

Military officials claimed that her husband had converted to Islam before he died (though she knew this was not true). Because of this, the government claimed her children were Muslim and she would not be granted custody of them since she was a Christian.

For over ten years Siham fought with the courts for her children’s custody. Through the prayers and the support of many Christians and organizations around the world, the court finally granted custody to Siham, when Rawan was 17 years old and Fadi was 15. Thankfully, court officials didn’t require any further actions on Siham’s part, and Rawan and Fadi’s identities were officially changed back to Christian and their case was closed.

Rawan and Fadi are doing very well in their schools. Rawan is studying to be a Civil Engineer and Fadi is studying to be an IT specialist. They both hope to work in their fields of study once they graduate.

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