A Story of Persecution- Malaysia

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

Christianity in Malaysia

Freedom for Christians is deteriorating. Malay believers face increasing hostility from the government and Islamic fundamentalists, while established churches are under threat. Malaysian law restricts conversion of Malay Muslims to other religions. In five states, it is a criminal offence which can be punished by a fine or even a jail term. There have been reports of Muslim-background believers facing arrest or physical assault. In August 2011, 5,000 demonstrators joined a rally against the Christian minority after rumors spread about a Christian plan to convert the whole country.

Please pray for Malay believers facing opposition from their families or the authorities. Pray also that Malay pastors would find ways to share Christ with seekers in ways that do not offend religious sensitivities. In September 2011 the government announced that Malay-language Bibles could be printed locally. Pray that God’s Word would spread.


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