An Impactful Message from an Egyptian Christian

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


Today, we had a Christian brother from Egypt share his thoughts and prayer requests for the situation in Egypt. His words were so moving:

I read news reports on Christians being trampled by military tanks at the protest on Sunday. Over 25 have died and more than 270 are injured and they are not being admitted to the hospital from injuries caused by the military. These Christians were being targeted for their beliefs. They have already experienced great persecution- from a CopticMembers of an ethnic religious group from North Africa but primarily Egypt, where they are the largest Christian denomination in the country. Church being burned last month, to not receiving the same protection that other citizens receive.

Despite all of these trials and tribulations, this believer said that “God is at work; His kingdom will not be shaken.” Though he and all the other Egyptian Christians have so much to be sorrowful about, they rejoice because God is so evident in their lives! What an amazing example they set for us.

We must continue praying for these Christians. Please pray that they will be protected, despite the imminent danger that they face. Pray for those who have lost loved ones and pray for those who need medical treatment, but are being denied admittance to the hospital. Pray that these dear believers would feel our prayers in spite of the persecution that they face.

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