An Unimaginable Choice

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

Today I read a story from Compass Direct News about a young Christian woman who had gone through an unimaginable trauma. This story nearly brought tears to my eyes.

A male colleague, who she considered a close friend, began acting strangely. “One day when I was least expecting it, he told me that he had started liking me and that I should convert to Islam and marry him, she said. “I told him that I had always considered him just a friend, and that although I held him in great regard, marrying him was not possible since we belonged to different faiths.”

Weeks later, the man, along with an accomplice grabbed her and forced her in a car. They took her to a separate location and he raped her, while the accomplice filmed the entire incident.

After the assault, he told her that if she told anyone, the footage would show up on a social networking site. He told her again to recant her faith and convert to Islam, but she refused.

One evening he showed up to her house with the film and showed it to her family. “He then told my shocked family that they had no other option but to hand me over to him,” she said. “He told them that he ‘owned’ me now.” Pakistanis tend to shame the victims rather than the perpetrators of rape, so he attempted to feed off this idea so that her family would force her to marry him.

“We had a very tough decision to make,” she said. ‘We could have either conceded to his demand or be ready to face the shame and dishonor by reporting his crime, but we chose the latter.”

While reading this, I could not believe that she actually had to choose between those options. My heart broke for my sister in Christ. Would you join me in praying for her during this horrific time?

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