Anonymous Texts Threaten Missionary

August 25, 2016 by Open Doors in , ,

In Indonesia, missionary worker, Lina* spreads the gospel to those around her. However, as of late, she has been being threatened by locals. Although Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, the most predominant form of Islam is rather tolerant of other religions. However, there are still some very religiously intolerant areas.

Lina has received two anonymous texts claiming that villagers are aware of her evangelistic ministry. The text messages claim that evidence is being collected on her and will be reported to the Muslim officials. The anonymity of the text messages strike specific fear because these texts could be from anyone, even those close to her, or one from her team.

Although she is scared of being followed and watched by those who threaten her, Lina continues to spread the gospel and has not stopped her missionary work. Her workers still join her, as well.

Pray for the safety of Lina and her team. Pray they can continue to spread God’s love to their community. Pray for discernment while dealing with these threats. Lastly, pray that those threatening Lina would be found and experience the love of Christ.

*Real name is changed for security reasons.

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