Are You Ready for BLACKOUT?

August 20, 2015 by Kate Yates in


Are you ready for the BLACKOUT campaign to begin? Or are you still figuring out the best way to make your event happen?


No worries! We are here to help.


Last year, our friend Sandy hosted a BLACKOUT event with her youth group, and we thought her story might inspire some ideas as you prepare to host your own BLACKOUT event:


“In March 2014, our local youth group (SWAP) Students With a Purpose met for an Open Doors Fortify BLACKOUT event. More than 40 students gathered on a Saturday night and were challenged to disconnect all media/electronics for the weekend. We heard moving stories of believers all over the world that are persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ, and we left that night with a new appreciation for the freedom we have. Students were then given an action plan for the weekend that explained how they could use their newfound free time to pray for persecuted Christians.


On Sunday afternoon, we set up six stations, each one representing the six countries experiencing the greatest levels of persecution. Students rotated through all six countries, learning about the country, its people and culture and the ways believers are being persecuted. Then they spent time praying specifically for the challenges Christians face in that country. We ended the afternoon by writing letters of encouragement to believers in these countries and had several computers set up so the students could sign online petitions on behalf of believers imprisoned for their faith.


Because of their increased awareness, the students who participated later raised $1000 which was then used to purchase Bibles through Open Doors. Additionally, twelve students were inspired to go on short-term mission trips. We look forward to repeating the event this year!


Awesome, right?

Comment below to share some of your ideas for the BLACKOUT campaign. We want to know how you plan to participate this year, whether you are participating with a group or flying solo!

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