Asia Bibi: October Court Date

August 27, 2016 by Janelle P in Asia

Asia Bibi, probably the most well-known Christian in Pakistan, has been in prison for almost seven years. She was convicted of blasphemy; a charge given to her after she offered a cup of water to a fellow female worker.

The co-worker objected that the mere touch of a Christian made the water “haram”, or religiously forbidden for Muslims. Bibi was told to convert to Islam In order to become purified of her ritual impurity. Her refusal was seen as an insult to Islam, and hence her blasphemy charge.

Bibi will have her appeal heard by Pakistan’s high court in October. According to International Christian Concern, this will be her last chance to avoid execution.

It seems unthinkable that such a simple act can place this sister in Christ on death row. She needs our prayers.

Will you commit to remember Asia Bibi and pray for her leading up to her court date? May she be given strength and peace during this uncertain time. We pray that she will be given opportunities during these next few months to direct many to Jesus and the truth of the gospel, for His glory.