#AsiaBibi Battling Urgent Health Concerns

July 28, 2015 by Janelle P in

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Aasiya Bibi, the 49 year-old who is allegedly accused of blasphemy against Islam, is said to be extremely sick. She is suffering from internal bleeding and requires urgent medical attention.

As you may remember, she was very ill last month, but recovered somewhat before her death sentence was suspended this month. Now, just after the decision to suspend her death sentence and re-open her case in the Supreme Court, her health condition is deteriorating as she suffers increasingly with internal intestinal bleeding in Multan prison. She is so weak that she can’t even walk properly.

Aasiya Bibi’s lawyer Saif-Ul-Malook has appealed the court to permit transfer of Aasiya to Lahore prison, so that she may be able to receive medical treatment.

A local ministry partner questioned whether this could be foul play. “It seems not,” said the lawyer who is closely connected to the Lahore Supreme Court. “But one never knows. For now, what is important is that she is healed and God gives us wisdom on how to provide her with medical care that does not make her vulnerable to the extremists.”

Prayers are desperately needed for Aasiya Bibi regarding her health and further procedure for her release. We are praying for the Lord to turn hearts of stone to hearts of flesh and for protection of all those who are working in favor of Aasiya’s release. We also pray for a call to justice against the human rights violations that the Blasphemy Law poses.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer. ​

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