Attacked Ethiopian Christian Persists Despite Persecution

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution


David U is considered an elderly man already. He came to faith in Christ at an advanced age. Despite the very trying circumstances he faces as a convert from Islam, he has continued to use every opportunity possible to be a witness for Christ.

One Friday in February during the early hours of the morning, extremists attacked David and some of the believers he spiritually cares for. The attackers burnt at least two homes. David sustained machete wounds to his head.

An Open Doors team member spoke to the family over the phone as they were rushing David to a clinic in larger neighbouring town. We also briefly spoke to David, but the traumatised man could hardly speak. Open Doors co-workers quickly made plans to get to the area to visit David in hospital.

Upon arrival we were thankful to discover that David was doing much better. He had had minor surgery to close the machete wound and X-rays revealed no fractures. He now only needed to recover from his painful bruises and come to terms with the trauma.

“They fired the gun at me. They surrounded and hit me both with machetes and sticks. I thought I would die,” the convert told us.

This attack was not a rare occasion, since this group of believers in this remote village has been facing hostility from their neighbours for several years. But they have shown great persistence in sharing Christ

with all who are willing to listen. Additionally they are uplifting their community by offering a much needed school in this remote village.

Through the faithful support of partners around the world, Open Doors has been able to stay involved with this community of brave believers for many years. Their generous support has enabled us to not only respond to David and his spiritual family’s physical needs from time to time, but we have also been able to partner with them in their long term community development project.

We are so thankful that these believers may be reminded of the fact that they are not alone. There is a worldwide body of Christ that stands behind them in all their efforts to bring hope to their community.

“The Lord has given me another chance to serve Him. The bullets didn’t get me. I have seen the darkest night, bullets flying past me. There were more than 30 attackers. It is by the prayers and support of other believers we survived so far. I can only say God wants me to continue His work here. I have some unfinished business here.”

*photo of David’s shirt after the attack