Be Still and Know That I am God

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution


By nature, I am an extreme extrovert. I busy myself by planning out the week and hanging out with people as often as possible. It is extremely difficult for me to sit down and be still.

Today in Prayer: The Real Battle, the action step is to schedule one hour in the next week & spend it in a quiet place, with no agenda except to watch & pray, writing down what God says to you.  

Initially, this sounds really difficult. My mind races with thoughts of things that need to be done or things that are going on in my life. If I am honest, I do not want to spend time quietly waiting on God.

Yet, He requires this of us in His word; ‘Be still and know that I am God’- Psalm 46:10. This is an example of why He knows what is best and why I do not. When I spend quite time alone with Him, He allows things to come to the surface that need to. He is the one who brings change in my life.

The persecuted practice this daily… they are faithful and obedient to this call because they fully depend on Him for everything. Lord, help us to set more time aside to be alone with You, that You may do a mighty work in us. Amen!