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February 24, 2015 by Kate Yates in ,

By Samantha Moats 

This year for Lent, and for the very first time, Open Doors Fortify has begun a campaign called Change for Change (C4C). If you haven’t already heard about C4C, then you are in the right place:

  • Change for Change is similar in nature to the Ice Bucket Challenge, but we have called it the #C4Cchallenge. Challenge yourself and four friends to give up your spare change for the Persecuted Church.

  • Work on your own, with a group of friends, or even get a small group/youth group in on the challenge with you.

  • Use the money you might spend on a cup of coffee from your favorite spot, a movie with some friends, or anything you may habitually spend with extra change.

  • All the money raised during this time will go toward Christian Community Restoration (refugee camps, essential needs, etc.).

  • Stay active on social media, using the hashtags #C4Cchallenge and #changeforchange. We love to favorite and share what others are doing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Use a fundraising app called Peer2Peer where people can donate by credit card to your group’s C4C account, or donate online here:

Lent is a great season for an event like Change for Change. The Lenten season is often identified with “giving things up,” but in a single word it is about sacrifice. This season of sacrifice prepares us for Easter, a celebration of the greatest sacrifice given to mankind: Jesus who became as we are, died the death mankind is worthy of, defeated death in his resurrection, allowing us to be united with him by his grace. This is the grounds for our faith, a faith that is shared with people all over the world. Try imagining the gospel without thinking about how it impacts the world. Impossible, right?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking…

Are we not in the same flock as those being persecuted?
Are we not part of the body Christ died for?
Are we not capable of spending ourselves for the sake of one in our flock, one member of our body?

I know I am, so what about you: will you take the #C4Cchallenge? Will you strengthen what remains?

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