Believer Shares the Gospel After Attending an Open Doors Training

December 9, 2016 by Open Doors in Bible and Gospel Advancement

Sister Raikhan* dreamed of being an evangelist, but she had no idea where to start. She lacked confidence and was recently fired from her job. Raikhan also knew that if she talked about Christ openly, she could be stopped by the police and fined. In her country, a person could be detained by the police for distributing Bibles and pamphlets with religious content.

Everything changed when Raikhan attended a business/vocational training organized by Open Doors. The training was for local believers. They were taught crafting and other useful skills which they could use for the purpose of providing for themselves. Here, Raikhan learned how to make products out of plaster, old sheets and newspapers. Open Doors helped her buy materials for handicrafts.

She started applying her new skills and had success. Fruit baskets, which she made out of newspapers, sold out within a week. She was so happy to apply her new skills to make some money. Soon, she decided to pass her new experience on to others. At first, she was teaching only believers, but the rumor spread around, and one day, she received a phone call. She was invited to teach a class at a non-Christian organization. Raikhan gladly accepted this opportunity.

She was finally living the life she always felt called to.

“When I used to live without Christ, I had no hope in my life, but when I accepted Christ, everything in my life changed,” Raikhan told the women in her class. After this, some of them asked, “What shall we do in order to accept Christ?” Eight women received Christ that day.

Raikhan is able to spread the gospel and utilize her gifts through Christ. Pray for those who are like Raikhan in this region. Pray they will be able to use their gifts to bring others to Christ and help their communities.

*names changed for security purposes