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June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

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Teacher Hafez* is a real story teller. He walks to and fro through the room that is used as classroom this week. There is a good interaction between students and teacher. This group of  Farsi speaking students is working with the fourth book of the discipleship training offered by Open Doors.

As a class full of school children, they all chant the Bible verse that they have to memorized in this lesson, Mark 10:43. “Jesus came to serve, “the teacher explains. “It is so sad that you see a lot of leaders that want to be served.”

After reading the Bible verse together out loud, the eight students get time to memorize the verse on their own. The eight are members of the underground house churches.

Azadeh’s lips move without making a sound when she repeats again and again the verse, Babak closes his eyes to repeat the verse. All are very concentrated on learning this small part of God’s Word. Negar is the first that dares to speak the verse in front of the class. Perfect. Satisfied she walks back to her place.

The training of these Farsi speaking Christians of a house church is being held at a safe location. They can speak freely about their Lord and Savior, they can dive into God’s Word without running a risk. Some of the students have a paper Bible with them, others read the Bible verses on their mobile or tablet. The women all wear necklaces with a cross. “In our country we use them under our sweater or blouse”, one of them explains. But now, on this safe location, they openly show that they are Christians.

It is amazing to think about what this experience would be like for these believers. For their whole Christian life, they have faced persecution, but in this setting, they are able to freely fellowship with other believers. Would you take a moment to pray for these believers who are receiving this training? That they would remain encouraged and would stand strong, despite the persecution they face on a daily basis.

*Name changed for security purposes

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