Blasphemy Law Review in Pakistan

January 30, 2017 by Open Doors in Middle East

Pakistan is in urgent need of your prayers.  A Senate committee in Pakistan has decided to continue the debate over how to prevent the misuse of Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy law. There has been severe opposition to this debate from religious extremists who support legislation that carries a mandatory death penalty for insulting anything related to Islam and its prophet.

Please pray for God’s wisdom to direct this process and for the protection of those who demonstrate sympathy for Pakistan’s religious minorities and speak out against the injustice of these laws. Anger roused by the senate committee’s decision could compromise Aasiya Bibi’s fate in prison. Sadly, this committee will not be attempting to amend the law; they will merely be looking for “creative” ways to include checks and balances for investigations of whether or not an act of blasphemy is valid.

Please remember to pray for this critical development and the security of Pakistani Christians who have spoken out against this law.

Father, today we come before You to stand alongside fellow believers in Pakistan who, like Aasiya Bibi, are unjustly charged with blasphemy. Thank You for the Senate’s current efforts to prevent the misuse of this law. We pray for Your justice to rule and overrule, that not only would checks and balances be established, but that this unjust law would even be amended or eliminated. We pray for the safety of committee members considering this debate and for Christians and others who have spoken out against this law. And we pray for Aasiya Bibi who faces the death penalty and whose appeal has been delayed. We pray for Your comfort and peace to rest upon her and for her charges to be dropped when the case reconvenes. In the name of Jesus, who loves justice and will not forsake His own. Amen.