Breaking Down Barriers to the Gospel

September 9, 2016 by Open Doors in Middle East

Through your gifts, literacy training is equipping Christians to thrive and evangelize—even under persecution.

Rhea and Mehak’s joy was contagious — their laughter and tears affected everyone in the room. Those who were watching knew they were witnessing something monumental. The reason? The sisters had learned to use pencils, a seemingly small feat for teenagers, but one that marked a major milestone in their pursuit of literacy. And literacy opens doors, — not only to better opportunities, but also to something of infinitely greater value — the Word of God.

In Pakistan, an Open Doors partner organization serves the local population with literacy and job skills training. Roughly 100,000 men and women have learned to read and write through the program, Rhea and Mehak included. The goal is two-fold: to equip participants with the skills they need to succeed, while at the same time helping them to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. It’s a model intended to create a dramatic ripple effect in the region.

“If our efforts with literacy were purely to raise figures for literacy that would not be a challenge, but to use literacy to draw people to a knowledge of Christ is a whole other teaching and learning model. It is a model we have come to develop and use to equip God’s Church in the face of growing persecution,” says one of the program’s counselors.

In countries like Pakistan, where persecution of Christians is increasing due to government pressure and Islamic extremism, literacy is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and evangelism. With the ability to read, persecuted believers can dig deep into the treasure trove of Scripture, uncovering the truth they need to stand strong in the face of unspeakable hardship. A strong biblical foundation also prepares them to share the hope they have with those around them, leading others to eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Through the support of faithful partners like you, literacy training is bringing hope to persecuted Christians — and spreading the gospel to many who have never heard it before.

Today, please consider supporting persecuted believers with an extra gift that will allow programs like literacy training, safe houses and Bible distribution to continue and expand.

God is using YOUR investment to change lives, today and forevermore!