In Rural India, One Christian Couple Faces an Angry Mob at Their Door…

June 7, 2017 by Open Doors in

Even when persecuted Christians have been ostracized by their communities, you are helping to bring them hope.

Pastor Rohan and his wife Neha heard a knock at the door. It was late, and they weren’t expecting visitors…

When they looked outside, they saw a crowd of people—their persecutors—gathered with sticks. Accused of evangelizing a young boy in their village, the leaders in the community wanted Rohan and his family out—at any cost.

“They began to beat my wife and I until we bled… and then picked up our baby and threw him against a heap of stones,” Rohan shared. “The trauma was so much, that my wife lost the baby she was carrying in her womb.”

They were forced to leave their home with nothing and had no one to turn to.

But God didn’t abandon them in their time of need.

Thanks to your support, Open Doors partners on the field reached out to this family with medical attention and other practical needs. Despite the physical hardship, the most vital gift Rohan and Neha received was God’s Word.

“I was crying unto the Lord…it was very painful for me,” Rohan shared. “At that time I saw a light and God talked to me and asked me to think about the pain He felt when He suffered on the cross for me.”

God’s Word brings comfort to His followers in their greatest hour of need.

When you provide Bibles for persecuted Christians, you are doing more than providing for their basic needs… you are bringing life!

Some people would have left the ministry after such an encounter, but Rohan and Neha continue to serve God where they live now. And they choose to see their rescue as a miracle.

“God miraculously helped us and sent His people to give us timely help,” shared Neha. “Just like us so many people might be facing such persecution. We want to testify to them and serve them in their time of need.”

Your gifts are strengthening couples like Rohan and Neha to live out God’s Word and support His church. Thank you for your faithfulness!

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