Brother Yklas Remains in Kazakhstan Prison

May 26, 2017 by Open Doors in Prayer updates

A ​​Baptist preacher from Kazakhstan, Yklas Kabduakasov (54) is currently serving a 2-year prison sentence, having been convicted of “religious extremism and illegal distribution of religious materials.”

Friends say it is obvious that the whole case against brother Yklas was created on trumped up charges, that brother Yklas is well known in the community as an honest and sincere person. While working for a construction company, his life was a clear display of godly character and honor . In this job as a security guard at a construction site, the former boxer and now faithful disciple of Christ was vigilant to stop anyone attempting to steal from the construction site. Yklas was also handing out evangelistic materials and preaching the gospel, a practice that came to the attention of someone in the Kazakhstan government who “did not like” these disciple making activities and began investigating him.

According to the investigation, Yklas held lectures for students of the Eurasian University  in a rented apartment in Astana from Nov. 2014 to Aug. 2015. After a short, biased investigation, he was tried and convicted on charges of “religious extremism and illegal distribution of religious materials”, and was sentenced to a 2 -year term in prison. His sentence will hopefully end in October or November of this year.

Yklas’ wife and eight children have been left without a breadwinner during his imprisonment. A number of churches, individual believers, and organizations are helping his family through this difficult time. Pray for brother Yklas while he is in prison, as well for his family. Open Doors has visited them periodically to encourage and care for the family .

In Kazakhstan, communities of converts to Christianity from a Muslim background (MBBs) bear the most intense brunt of the persecution both at the hands of the state and from family, friends, and local communities. Non-traditional Protestant Christian communities are active in evangelism, and often experience raids, threats, arrests and fines, especially when the churches have not been registered.

Thank You, Father, for Brother Yklas who is faithful to You in leading a godly life before his neighbors and boldly sharing the gospel. We pray for him now as he serves the remainder of his prison sentence, that You would daily refresh his spirit, bring to mind Scripture to assure him of Your faithful presence, and strengthen him to do battle against the spiritual battles that must surely come to him in his isolation. Let him know that many around the world are lifting him up in prayer. And we pray that You will continue to sustain his family through the help of Your community of believers who surround them in the love of Christ. In the name of Jesus upon whom we cast our burdens, knowing He will sustain us and never permit us to be moved (Psalm 55). Amen.