Category: Africa

Jul 25

On the Run in Mali–Former Muslim Clings to Jesus Amid Jihadist Persecution

For one Christian widow in Mali, the agendas of both non-violent and violent Islamic groups have shaped much of her life. 

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Jul 13

Is Another Boko Haram Emerging in Previously Untroubled Southeast Africa?

A number of attacks, including several beheadings, have raised alarms over the emergence of another Boko Haram and a jihadist movement in the previously untroubled southern half of Africa.

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Jul 03

3,000+ Displaced From Nigeria Attacks–Open Doors Rushes Critical Relief

Open Doors is present, on the ground, partnering with indigenous churches to bring aid to 3,000+ people displaced in Nigeria attacks.

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Jun 29

A Dozen Christian Villages in Nigeria Wiped Out in Four-Day Killing Spree

In only days, a dozen villages in Nigeria were wiped out and more than 200 Christians killed.

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Jun 27

Sub-Saharan Africa a Persecution Powder Keg—Recent Nigerian Attack Kills More Than 200 Christians

Across the world’s second-largest continent, Christians are under fire right now in West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and now Southeast Africa.

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