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Lindy Lowry - Oct 13, 2018

As Deadline Looms for Leah Sharibu, Mother Makes Urgent Plea for Help

Last week, the mother of Leah Sharibu took desperate steps, traveling to Jos to hold a press conference to bring her anguish and urgent plea to a mass audience for the release of her daughter.

Lindy Lowry - Sep 18, 2018

Boko Haram Threatens to Kill Leah Sharibu—Open Doors Calls for Urgent Prayer

Open Doors is calling for urgent prayer as news breaks of Boko Haram’s threat to kill kidnapped Nigerian Christian teenager Leah Sharibu and three other hostages.

Lindy Lowry - Aug 29, 2018

New Voice Recording of Boko Haram Captive Leah Sharibu Brings Hope

A new audio recording released by the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram reveals that kidnapped 15-year-old Leah Sharibu is alive.

Brett Tarbell - Jul 25, 2018

On the Run in Mali–Former Muslim Clings to Jesus Amid Jihadist Persecution

For one Christian widow in Mali, the agendas of both non-violent and violent Islamic groups have shaped much of her life. 

Lindy Lowry - Jul 13, 2018

Is Another Boko Haram Emerging in Previously Untroubled Southeast Africa?

A number of attacks, including several beheadings, have raised alarms over the emergence of another Boko Haram and a jihadist movement in the previously untroubled southern half of Africa.

Lindy Lowry - Jul 03, 2018

3,000+ Displaced From Nigeria Attacks–Open Doors Rushes Critical Relief

Open Doors is present, on the ground, partnering with indigenous churches to bring aid to 3,000+ people displaced in Nigeria attacks.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 29, 2018

A Dozen Christian Villages in Nigeria Wiped Out in Four-Day Killing Spree

In only days, a dozen villages in Nigeria were wiped out and more than 200 Christians killed.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 27, 2018

Sub-Saharan Africa a Persecution Powder Keg—Recent Nigerian Attack Kills More Than 200 Christians

Across the world’s second-largest continent, Christians are under fire right now in West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and now Southeast Africa.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 14, 2018

Persecution on Global Stage at World Cup–7 Participating Countries on World Watch List

Over the next month, we can look to these seven countries on the World Watch List as reminders to pray and as prime examples of how persecution is strengthening the church.

Lindy Lowry - May 31, 2018

Cross Draws Ethiopian Muslim to Christ–Secret Faith Brings Peace in Midst of Family’s Vow to Kill Him

In Ethiopia (#29 on the World Watch List), government regulations restrict the freedom of religion, while in some parts of the country conservative Muslims pose challenges for believers, especially converts from Islam. Arrests and disappearances of believers are common in Ethiopia, and those who leave Islam face harsh mistreatment from family members. For Ibrahim*, family […]