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Lindy Lowry - Oct 17, 2018

In Advance of Ruling for Christian Prisoner Asia Bibi, Extremists Call for Death

As Pakistani prisoner Asia Bibi sits on death row awaiting the decision of her appeal to Pakistan’s Supreme Court, Islamic extremist groups have taken to the streets and the Internet to mount mass protests against her.

Lindy Lowry - Oct 10, 2018

Will North Korea’s Nazi-Style Prison Camps Also Be ‘Open for Inspection’?

Kim Jong Un’s loose promise to open up nuclear sites for inspection begs other critical questions: When will he be ready to open up the network of North Korea’s infamous prison camps for inspection?

Christopher Summers - Oct 08, 2018

5 Surprising Facts About Christianity in North Korea

The relentless persecution of Christians in North Korea is not the full story. Christianity and North Korea have a long relationship! Check out these five surprising facts about Christianity in North Korea.

Christopher Summers - Oct 04, 2018

A Handful of Rotten Corn–a Day in the Life of 50,000 Christians in North Korean Prison Camps

Hea Woo explained what the conditions were like in a North Korean prison camp. We bring you this glimpse into a reality that often doesn’t make it outside the walls of these camps. 

Christopher Summers - Oct 01, 2018

6 Big Things About North Korea You Should Know

Why is North Korea in the news all the time? Are there any Christians in the country? These are the questions that often get ignored in the rush to report and update on the latest news developments.

Lindy Lowry - Sep 18, 2018

What Does Third Inter-Korean Summit Mean for 300,000 Persecuted Christians?

What do the upcoming summit in North Korea and these ongoing discussions mean for the 300,000 Christians who are forced to keep their faith a secret?

Lindy Lowry - Aug 30, 2018

China Forbids Children From Churches as Religious Rights Diminish

Across China, churches are reportedly facing pressure to align with the Communist Party; in some areas, children are now forbidden to attend church.

Robert Kenna - Aug 28, 2018

Indian Couple Beaten After Leaving ‘Old Gods’ for Jesus

“Though I am still fearful to return to my village, I am comforted by God,” Preeti says.

Lindy Lowry - Aug 22, 2018

He Used to Traffic Heroin in Central Asia, Now He Smuggles Bibles

Drug trafficking was his life in Central Asia–until a package in the mail changed the trajectory of Viktor’s life and the eternities of thousands of others.

Lindy Lowry - Aug 14, 2018

The Surprising Way God Is Growing His Young Church in Central Asia

In this rare interview, a Central Asian believer reveals how God grabbed hold of his heart and how God uses persecution to grow His Church.