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Lindy Lowry - Dec 18, 2018

Police in China Given Quotas for Arrests of Christians

Police stations in a major port city in northeast China are being assessed based on the number of Christians they arrest.

Lindy Lowry - Dec 17, 2018

Read Chinese Pastor’s Powerful Letter Released After His Arrest

Two days after Pastor Wang Yi was arrested and taken away, church members released an open letter he wrote giving instructions that it be publicized if he went missing for more than 48 hours.

Lindy Lowry - Dec 13, 2018

100+ Christians Arrested in China, Taken From Homes and Streets

One of the largest house churches in China, the Early Rain Covenant Church, was raided by Chinese police on Dec. 10. The raid has continued over the last few days, resulting in arrests of more than 100 Christians.

Lindy Lowry - Dec 06, 2018

5 Countries Where Christmas Is a Crime

For millions of believers, the celebration of Jesus entering the world must be a risk-laden secret Christmas. They know that there is a war on Christmas—and what that war really looks like.

Lindy Lowry - Nov 20, 2018

4 Things Persecuted Believers Can Teach Us About Gratitude

Saman, Noor, Seojun, and Racheal can teach us what gratitude truly looks like–and why it’s so important in our lives as we mature in Christ.

Lindy Lowry - Nov 16, 2018

10 Questions Answered About Asia Bibi’s Current Situation

Media reports have distributed often conflicting information surrounding Asia Bibi and her family’s plight to leave Pakistan. Here, our field answers some of the most frequently asked questions.

Lindy Lowry - Nov 07, 2018

BREAKING: Asia Bibi Leaves Pakistani Prison–Call for Urgent Prayer

A week after Asia Bibi was acquitted of blasphemy charges, news sources are reporting the Christian woman who spent eight years on death row has reportedly left the area with her family.

Lindy Lowry - Oct 31, 2018

5 Things Christians Need to Know About Asia Bibi and the Church in Pakistan

With Asia’s release comes the threat of persecution of all Christians in Pakistan where Muslim extremists wage war against anyone who turns from Islam.

Lindy Lowry - Oct 25, 2018

The Secret and Surprising Ways Christians Worship in North Korea

Today, hundreds of thousands of Christians in North Korea’s underground church, estimated at 300,000, find secret ways to worship Jesus and follow Him.

Lindy Lowry - Oct 25, 2018

Why Does Kim Jong-Un Pretend to Care About Christianity?

Is Kim Jong Un’s invitation to the Pope part of a culture known for its penchant to create facades in an attempt to tell a radically different story than the truth that has been credibly reported for decades?