Category: Bible and Gospel Advancement

Lindy Lowry - May 11, 2018

Brother Andrew: ‘Don’t Ever Forget We Are Here for the Book’

Today (May 11, 2018), Brother Andrew celebrates his 90th birthday. The Dutchman, who became known as “God’s Smuggler,” recently returned from a rare and private visit to his beloved Pakistan.

Sydney Bennett - Mar 15, 2018

30 Days of Prayer With Your Brothers and Sisters in India

When we pray, we are able to call on the name of Jesus to bring change in places absolutely desperate for the hope of Christ.

Joshua Pease - Dec 02, 2017

Hearing God’s Voice Over the Noise of Sharia Law

Christian teenagers living under Sharia Law face intense pressure in their day-to-day lives. Increasingly, they’re finding that discipleship is key to spiritual survival.

Janelle P - Dec 01, 2017

Discipling Your Children to Pray With the Persecuted Church

As you learn about and pray with the persecuted Church, you can be intentional about teaching your children that we are all the Church connected through the blood of Christ.

Janelle P - Nov 27, 2017

“Discipling Muslim Background Believers Is My Calling”

After a Muslim says “yes” to Christ, what happens next? In Southeast Asia, Paulus* is leading more than 20 lay leaders to teach the Bible to MBBs. 

Brian - Nov 27, 2017

This Dangerous Book: An Interview with Steve and Jackie Green

Museum of the Bible founders Steve and Jackie Green discuss the lasting impact the most “Dangerous” book in history—the Bible.

Janelle P - Nov 17, 2017

Why This Bible Smuggler Risks His Life in Vietnam

Bao has given away more than 100,000 children’s Bibles throughout Vietnam, where churches gather in secret, squeezed by increasing restrictions against practicing any other faith other than Buddhism.

Robert Kenna - Nov 16, 2017

Why Should U.S. Christians Care About Global Persecution?

Why should we care about Christians who suffer for their faith in places like Nigeria, Vietnam, Syria or North Korea?

Bible Smuggling in Digital

Sarah Cunningham - Aug 01, 2017

Modern Bible Smuggling: How The Digital Revolution Has Changed Forbidden Bible Sharing

Today, technology has revolutionized the way people do everything–including Bible smuggling! As a result, the gospel doesn’t have to be driven into cities anymore. It can be transmitted down the internet’s electronic highway and right into villages.

Janelle P - Jul 31, 2017

How an Ex-Soldier Braved Demons to bring a Buddhist Village to Christ

When sixty-one year old Dano* retired from his career as a military man, he had no idea life would take him to an altogether different battlefield: a spiritual one.