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Sydney Bennett - Jul 21, 2016

Direct Impact

As I sat in that conference room listening to one of our partners share about life and ministry in the Middle East, I realized, maybe not for the first time, but certainly at a deeper level than ever before, that our actions here in the States can have a direct effect on our brothers and sisters in other areas of the world. 

Sydney Bennett - Jun 16, 2016

Love the Children

    Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Lebanon and serve alongside our local partners in hosting a 3-day Bible camp for Syrian refugee children. Before departing for the camp we spent some time hearing about the children we would be working with. The statistics were alarming and revealed that these children were hurting

Sydney Bennett - May 19, 2016

What I Have Learned from the Persecuted Church

This month marks 13 years that I have worked with the ministry of Open Doors. In that time my faith has been greatly impacted by our brothers and sisters living under persecution. Each time I am asked to share about our ministry and the persecuted Christians we serve, there are three points I share without […]

Sydney Bennett - Apr 21, 2016

Sitting in the Suffering

My first week at Open Doors I was immersed into a culture where persecution and suffering for Christ is the norm and sometimes even rejoiced in. This context baffled me. Who would be thankful for suffering in persecution?

Open Doors - Mar 17, 2016

Begin Somewhere

God calls us to remember the persecuted, but where do we even begin? Let’s learn from our friend Sarah!

Sydney Bennett - Feb 18, 2016

Deeply Connected

Ever wonder how you can use your God-given passions and skills to serve persecuted Christians? Meet Lauren, a graphic designer who is doing exactly that!

Sydney Bennett - Jan 21, 2016

What Can You Do?

Consider this… 16,000 students, Thousands of handwritten messages, Hundreds of tweets and Instagram photos, 9 World Watch List countries, 1 powerful night of prayer…this was the kind of event I only dreamed of!

Sydney Bennett - Dec 17, 2015

O Little Town of Bethlehem

As I reflect on the birth of Christ in that dark and musty stable in Bethlehem, I must admit I don’t often think about how the birth of Christ brought pain and suffering to many families in Bethlehem who lost their sons to Herod’s jealousy and wrath (Matthew 2:15-18). We sing “O little town of Bethlehem how still we see thee lie,” but in reality the town was full of weeping and mourning.

Sydney Bennett - Nov 19, 2015

Grace for Terrorists

This past weekend we were once again reminded that the enemy is alive and using evil to bring about fear, pain and hatred. Human instinct tells us we should fight back and that we are right to feel that way. But reality is that the only difference between us and them is God’s grace.

Open Doors - Sep 16, 2015

Challenge Accepted

At Open Doors Fortify, we enjoy having the opportunity to share with you what God is leading people to do for the persecuted church. So, meet our friend James! He has a challenge for you…