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Jun 14

Persecution on Global Stage at World Cup–7 Participating Countries on World Watch List

Over the next month, we can look to these seven countries on the World Watch List as reminders to pray and as prime examples of how persecution is strengthening the church.

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Jan 10

The 4 Major Trends Influencing Global Christian Persecution

World Watch List research indicates these growing movements are the life-altering forces influencing the persecution of Christians around the world.

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Sep 21

The Gospel Transforms a Child Soldier into Pastor in Colombia

Since childhood, Ruben* was a fierce and feisty fighter who learned to deal with weapons, war and death. He never imagined that, years later, God’s plans for his life would lead him to leave the illegal army, begin a pastoral journey, and today, evangelize to those in arms.

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Jul 14

Why Mexico Is on the Watch List for Persecuted Christians

Why Mexico has such high levels of persecution

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Apr 19

From Mexican Drug Trafficker to Courageous Pastor

Before “Chito” Aguilar found Jesus, he was involved in political subversion and drug cartels in Mexico.

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