Category: Persecution updates

Apr 16

Trial for U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson Begins–“I Want Truth to Come Out”

The trial for U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson began today. In Andrew’s defense statement, he told the court, “I am a Christian pastor. I did not join an Islamic movement. Their aims and mine are different…”

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Apr 13

A Call for Prayer: President Trump Launches Airstrikes on Syria

President Trump announced airstrikes on Syria in coordination with the UK and France on Friday.

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Mar 26

In Iraq, Returning Christians Share an Easter Message of New Life

Today, our on-the-ground partners visit Qaraqosh to meet with returning Christians as they prepare to celebrate Easter together after three years of displacement.

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Mar 22

Call for Prayer for U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson: Turkey Sets Trial Start Date

Less than a week since announcing their intention to prosecute U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson and ask for 35 years in prison, Turkish prosecutors have now announced a date for the trial to begin. 

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Feb 08

In Iraq’s Ninevah Plain, God Is Doing a ‘New Thing’–678 Homes Restored With Your Help

For more than two years, occupying Islamic jihadists tried to erase any evidence of Christianity–burning churches, destroying crosses, toppling bell towers. But God is using the hands and feet of the Body of Christ to rescue and restore.

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