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Christopher Summers - Nov 02, 2018

BREAKING: At Least 7 Killed in Attack on Christians in Egypt

At least seven Christians have died and an additional 12 injured in Egypt today after a violent attack on a group of Coptic pilgrims.

Christopher Summers - Oct 12, 2018

Breaking: Pastor Andrew Brunson Free!

Open Doors USA is relieved to hear of Pastor Andrew Brunson’s release from house arrest to freedom

Lindy Lowry - Jun 23, 2018

Susanna Koh Calls for Prayer, Pleads for Action on Breakthrough in Pastor Raymond’s Abduction

On May 12, Susanna Koh, wife of abducted Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh, got the breakthrough she has been praying for… confirming her belief that Raymond was taken because of his faith.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 20, 2018

UPDATE: Pray for Isolated Saudi Mom Nawal Still Living in Secrecy

The outside world still thinks Nawal is a Muslim. She doesn’t discuss her personal faith with others, afraid of the consequences that come when a Saudi mom is discovered as a Christian believer.

Sydney Bennett - Jun 06, 2018

Praying for the Hand of God to Move–Even Through Human Trafficking

Some 2,000 years ago, the evil of human trafficking was already at play. We have stories of real people who were trafficked–people whom God miraculously used in their desperate situations to further His Kingdom and His plans.

Sydney Bennett - Apr 16, 2018

Bearing the Burdens of Our Persecuted Brothers and Sisters In Prison

While we are able to encourage those around us and even pray with them in their difficulties with relative ease, how are we to help bear the burdens of brothers and sisters living on the other side of the world? Does it even matter?

Lindy Lowry - Apr 11, 2018

Recent Visit With Pastor Andrew Brunson Reveals Poor Health and Isolation

After a recent visit with Pastor Andrew Brunson, U.S. Senator Thom Tillis reported that the health of the 50-year-old pastor had deteriorated during his 18-month imprisonment in a Turkish prison.

Sydney Bennett - Mar 29, 2018

‘Father, Forgive Them’: 3 Powerful Easter Reflections to Help You Pray for the Persecutors

This Easter, spend some time reflecting on Jesus’ prayer on the cross and how He taught us to pray for those who persecute.

Lindy Lowry - Mar 27, 2018

Pray for Family of Indian Christian Woman Murdered While Praying

Chadarajupalli Subbaravamma left Hinduism for Christianity 10 years ago. Ten years later, she was murdered for that decision to trust in Jesus and pursue her new faith.

Lindy Lowry - Mar 16, 2018

Pray With U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson–Turkey Calls for Life Imprisonment

If the court accepts the recent indictment, formal trial proceedings are expected to start against Andrew Brunson.