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Lindy Lowry - Apr 11, 2018

Recent Visit With Pastor Andrew Brunson Reveals Poor Health and Isolation

After a recent visit with Pastor Andrew Brunson, U.S. Senator Thom Tillis reported that the health of the 50-year-old pastor had deteriorated during his 18-month imprisonment in a Turkish prison.

Sydney Bennett - Mar 29, 2018

‘Father, Forgive Them’: 3 Powerful Easter Reflections to Help You Pray for the Persecutors

This Easter, spend some time reflecting on Jesus’ prayer on the cross and how He taught us to pray for those who persecute.

Lindy Lowry - Mar 27, 2018

Pray for Family of Indian Christian Woman Murdered While Praying

Chadarajupalli Subbaravamma left Hinduism for Christianity 10 years ago. Ten years later, she was murdered for that decision to trust in Jesus and pursue her new faith.

Lindy Lowry - Mar 16, 2018

Pray With U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson–Turkey Calls for Life Imprisonment

If the court accepts the recent indictment, formal trial proceedings are expected to start against Andrew Brunson.

Lindy Lowry - Mar 14, 2018

Christian Mother in India Clings to Christ Throughout Nightmare of Domestic Abuse

In Central India, women can pay a high price for embracing Christ in their lives, especially when their Hindu husbands are the dealers of physical and emotional abuse. Sarita knows that reality all too well.

Lindy Lowry - Mar 04, 2018

Pray With India Widow: ‘I’d Rather Die Than Forsake Jesus’

The last thing that Chandan remembers about that terrible day in her village in India was the loud bang of the door shutting behind her.

Lindy Lowry - Feb 27, 2018

Sheikh in Uganda Risks His Life to Confess Christ

How a former leader of one of the largest mosques in his district followed his restless heart to find Jesus as His Savior

Lindy Lowry - Feb 23, 2018

Pray for the Return of 60-Plus Christians Still Missing from the Nineveh Plains and Mosul

As restoration of the Church in Iraq’s Nineveh Plain and Mosul continues, the casualties of war are still very real for many families.

Ryan - Feb 22, 2018

14 Ways to Stand and Pray With Syrian Believers–as Deadly War Rages On

We asked our local ministry partners: How can we pray with believers in Syria, and what are some ways that God is moving there?

David Curry - Feb 21, 2018

13 Countries at the Winter Olympics Where Christianity Is Under Threat

During the duration of the Winter Olympics, remember to pray for Christians from countries on the World Watch List.