My Journey with Brother Andrew

Al Janssen - Jun 13, 2019

Making Eye Contact With God

A day spent praying with persecuted believers and Brother Andrew reminds us that we are truly one body and one family.

Al Janssen - Jun 05, 2019

Ten Million Copies—And the Power of One!

The impact of God’s Smuggler stretches far beyond copies sold to countless lives and eternities changed.

Al Janssen - May 29, 2019

A Ramadan Celebration

A surprise encounter with a Muslim father celebrating his jihadist son’s martyrdom offers sobering insight from Brother Andrew.

Al Janssen - May 22, 2019

A Good Time to Pray

How can we make our news watching a regular time of prayer for our brothers and sisters?

Al Janssen - May 15, 2019

A Sense of Humor

A look at the lighter side and morning prayer of God’s Smuggler.

Al Janssen - May 09, 2019

A Mighty Weapon

A timely reminder from Brother Andrew that God has equipped us for the battle as we draw on His strength and believe His promises.

Al Janssen - May 02, 2019

God’s Perspective on Time

When we ask, “How long, Lord?” writer Al Janssen helps us understand how God sees time.

Al Janssen - Apr 23, 2019

God’s Prophet to Mosul

Writer Al Janssen questions: Whom is God calling to follow Brother Andrew’s lead and go and preach to our enemies?

Al Janssen - Apr 17, 2019

Crucified With Christ

An ideal prayer from Brother Andrew for Good Friday and throughout the year.

Al Janssen - Apr 10, 2019

Father’s Book

Brother Andrew: “The Bible, the book you must DO!”