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Mar 16

From Supporter to Connector–Investing in Eternity Matters

Diane is one of 200-plus Open Doors Connectors who use their gifts and volunteer their time, energies and creativity to help Open Doors make the persecuted church unavoidable to the American Church.

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Feb 16

Looking for a Topic for Your Small Group or Church to Study? This Is Free.

Ripple Effect is a free interactive study that helps individuals and groups discover how they can take actions that create a “ripple effect” of support for the persecuted Church.

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Feb 02

Send a Love Letter to a Persecuted Christian this Valentines Day

Open Doors invites readers to pause for just a few minutes to write a brief message of love and encouragement. Your card or letter will be delivered to persecuted Christians living in dangerous regions throughout our world.

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Dec 28

Supporter Describes How Travels Helped Him Understand Persecution

Open Doors supporter, Mike McElroy, wrote in to tell us about how God laid North Korea on his heart while living in China and visiting North Korea. We always welcome stories about how God is moving in the lives of our readers.

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Dec 12

Liberty Student Explores Open Doors for Honors Project on Ministry Writing

“I figured that if I was going to spend many years of my life working, ideally I would also want the work itself to contribute to God’s pursuits,” said Valerie Pors, senior at Liberty University.

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