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Sarah Cunningham - Nov 14, 2017

Supporter Story: Norm Pankop is a Modern Day Apostle Paul

When I first exchanged emails with Open Doors supporter, Norman Pankop, he was doing exactly what I heard he was known for: rallying his local congregation to care for the persecuted church.  On the day we spoke, he was recruiting fellow church attenders to participate in Open Doors’ effort to write underground believers in North Korea. To […]

Sarah Cunningham - Nov 13, 2017

Message from a Supporter: Be Intentional to Remember the Persecuted

Open Doors supporter, Scott Payne, was disappointed by the small turnout at his prayer event, but God helped him see how pausing to “remember” is itself an act of obedience.

Sarah Cunningham - Oct 26, 2017

8 Year Old Supporter Donates Birthday to Persecuted Christians

As you read more of John’s story, I want to encourage you to share your stories with us as well.