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Lindy Lowry - Jun 18, 2019

Night of 1 million miracles–pray with Christians waiting for first Bible

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it” (Matt. 13:45-46). #ProjectPearl is one of the largest and riskiest operations Open Doors has ever undertaken. The mission: to deliver 1 million Bibles to […]

Lindy Lowry - Jun 06, 2019

50+ Tied Up, Executed in Central African Republic Massacres

An armed attack in the northwestern Central African Republic (CAR) left more than 50 residents dead and many more wounded.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 03, 2019

‘Jesus is My Savior, My God’: Saudi Muslim’s Defiant Search for Jesus Leads to New Life

After having increasing doubts about Islam, the religion he had known all his life in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed began looking for truth online.

Lindy Lowry - May 14, 2019

They Had Just Gathered for Worship—Another Church Attack Kills 6 in Burkina Faso

Another church in Burkina Faso has left six Christians dead, including the church’s young leader.

Lindy Lowry - May 10, 2019

‘When They Come to Take Mom Away’—Preparing My Daughter for Persecution in Iran

A mother in Iran shares how she prepared her daughter for the day persecution arrived at their door.

Lindy Lowry - May 08, 2019

Breaking: Asia Bibi Leaves Pakistan, Safe in Canada

After six months since her acquittal on October 31, 2018, the Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi is reportedly out of Pakistan and has arrived safely in Canada, where her family now lives.

Lindy Lowry - Apr 27, 2019

‘I love my Jesus, I love my Jesus’—A Story From Sri Lanka

A new widow from Easter Sunday’s attacks in Sri Lanka shares about the day her Ramesh died and her hope in Jesus that sustains her.

Lindy Lowry - Apr 27, 2019

Sri Lanka Government Leader: ‘Jesus Defeated All Evil’

Sri Lanka Parliament member Honorable M. Abraham Sumanthiran shares powerful faith testimony after Sri Lanka bombings.

Lindy Lowry - Apr 15, 2019

Syrian Believers Proclaim: ‘Christ the Lord Is Risen Today’

Celebrating Easter in Syria–a group of young adults come together to worship and proclaim ‘He is risen’ in a familiar hymn.

Lindy Lowry - Jan 19, 2019

A Dark Reality—Christian Women in 73 Countries Face Hidden Persecution Every Day

Around the world, increasing numbers of women face double vulnerability—because they are Christians and because they are female.