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Janelle P - Dec 13, 2016

Do You Fear God Or Persecution More?

It is easy to view physical torture or abandonment as the worst thing that could happen to us or our loved ones. But the Scriptures make it so clear that this should not be so…

Janelle P - Dec 03, 2016

Persecution + King David

When we think of those from the Bible who faced persecution, we often think of Paul or Job. King David faced great trials for his faith; even after being anointed king, he was still on the run for his life. He hid in caves and was always hiding from King Saul. A few things are worth studying in regards to how David, a man after God’s own heart, faced and dealt with persecution…

Janelle P - Nov 23, 2016

Should Persecuted Christians Be Thankful?

We often fall into the tradition of thanking God for our freedom, homes or even family members. These are all such deep blessings from God. When considering persecuted Christians, however, they often do not have any of these things. They often are stripped of freedom, comforts and community. Do persecuted Christians have anything to be thankful for?

Janelle P - Nov 17, 2016

Is Worship Our Delight?

Throughout Scripture, we see God’s people enjoying His presence and character with joy and gladness. In pairing these two biblical ideas, is worship our delight? Do the characteristics and mighty deeds of God cause our heart to sing with thanksgiving? The persecuted church would boldly proclaim, “YES!”

Janelle P - Nov 09, 2016

Thank You For Urging President-Elect Trump To Address Religious Persecution!

Election Day Is Over. And today I want to say a huge “thank you” for making your voice heard to both candidates on behalf of our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.

Janelle P - Nov 04, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pray For Persecution to End

Prayer is so important; the word “pray” is mentioned 48 times in the Old Testament and 73 times in the New Testament. Because God places such an emphasis on prayer in His Word, so should we. For our loved ones, we would never pray for bad to come upon them. This desire may cause us to pray for persecution or hard times to end for those in the Body of Christ. Let’s not let that be our focus, however. Based on God’s Word, here are 3 reasons why we should not pray for persecution to end:

Sydney Bennett - Oct 21, 2016

The Empty Chair

Last night I spoke to a youth group in Houston, Texas and as I was talking with the youth pastor preparing for the night, I noticed one of the computer screens in their sound booth showing a slide that said “The Empty Chair.” It caught my eye and I had to ask what that was about.

Janelle P - Sep 27, 2016

Join Us On Facebook Live For Presidential Debates

The presidential debate is the trending topic you may be talking about with friends or family this morning or see throughout social media feeds.

Sydney Bennett - Sep 15, 2016

Students Want to Pray

Meredith was the first student I started working with about three years ago. My vision was to see students represent Open Doors on their campus and she was the first student to step forward. Hear from her how she became the first Campus Connector.

Sydney Bennett - Aug 18, 2016

See You at the Pole

The best part of my job is spreading the message of the persecuted Church every single day, but I’m only one person and cannot be in more than one place at a time. In order for the message of persecuted Christians to go global, I need more people to join me in praying and sharing – I need more people like my friend Drew. Check out his story: