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Category: Women and Children Advancement

Dec 15

Faces of Persecution: An Ex-Child Soldier Finds a Safe Place–and New Life

Recruited at 10 years old by an illegal arms group in Colombia, ex-child soldier Juan Manuel had little future. Miraculously, his life has changed.

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Dec 13

Faces of Persecution: Children Like Wasihun Give Us Glimpses of Grace

In this series of articles focusing on the children of the persecuted church, we meet the Kemede family and Wasihun, who at seven years old, endured a child’s greatest loss. 

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Dec 11

15-Year-Old Jonatan: “Where I Am From, No One Can Live as a Christian”

At this hidden shelter, children of the persecuted Church find physical and emotional healing–and a God who restores brokenness.

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Dec 06

Iraqi Children Draw What They Miss Most

Through trauma counseling and care, Iraqi refugees who fled to Jordan during the ISIS war are participating in art therapy programs and finding the courage to move forward with their lives.

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Dec 04

Standing With the Children of the Persecuted Church

When the persecuted person is a mother or a father, it has extra implications. Not only was this person beaten, imprisoned or killed, but now there is also a void in a family somewhere. As I read these stories, my heart aches, and three ideas stir in my soul.

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