Central Asia: Christian Faces Pressure For His Faith

May 25, 2016 by Brianna Nishie in Persecution updates

Within a village in Central Asia, Brother Abdul faces a great dilemma. He is under pressure from local villagers, who constantly pressure him to renounce his Christian faith. A group of young Muslims recently intruded his home and tried threatening him into renouncing his faith. He was told that he would “regret it” if he did not renounce Christ.

Brother Abdul is a courageous believer. He refuses to renounce Christ, and is willing to die for his beliefs. “I might be kicked out of the village, I could be beaten, but Jesus went through it all. If my Lord faced persecution, who am I not expect the same treatment?” Brother Abdul is not ashamed of the gospel, yet he still faces danger in spite of his willingness to be a martyr for Christ.

Pray for the courageous spirit of Brother Abdul. Pray that God will protect and preserve him. Pray for God to give him wisdom in this situation and for his faith to be a living testimony to his community.

*Names changed for security