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September 16, 2015 by Open Doors in

by James Walker

“College students are desperate to make a difference. One step on a college campus, and you’ll encounter every cause on earth and people going to great lengths to make an impact. As a Christian student at UCLA I felt like I wasn’t doing much to make a difference but the truth of the gospel had to be shared!

I began praying and soon felt compelled to publicly display my Bible on campus – in my hands, on my desk, at my lunch table – and my college experience immediately changed. The first day of displaying my Bible led to a conversation with a Chinese Christian experiencing doubt in her faith since she moved to the US. We talked for hours and both left encouraged.

Now I’m inviting you to join Off the Shelf with me by taking your Bible to school with you on November 2, 2015:

  • Sign up for Off the Shelf at
  • Encourage others to join you
  • Ask people to sponsor you for $5 a day
For every $5 donated, not only will your sponsors be sending a student to their local campus with a Bible, but they will be sending a Bible to a Persecuted Christian through the ministry of Open Doors.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are 7 reasons to participate in Off the Shelf:

  1. You can make God’s Word visible on your campus
    – We’ve all heard Christians worry and mourn the loss of prayer in schools. This isn’t a worry if Christian students pray constantly and take God’s word to campus. God’s word can’t be removed from our hearts, lips, and hands. By gathering just one sponsor for $5, you will be visibly taking God’s word to your campus.
  2. The Persecuted Church Needs Bibles
    – In many countries owning a Bible is illegal. Open Doors exists to support the persecuted church in every capacity, and Off the Shelf utilize their incredible ministry to meet the demand for Bibles all around the world. With one sponsor for $5, someone in desperate need of a Bible will have a new treasure.
  3. Incredible conversations
    – While at UCLA, I carried my Bible with me and would set it on my desk in class. Nearly every day I would receive questions or comments about it. This led to many opportunities to share the gospel and get to know many people from a variety of backgrounds.
  4. Christian Unity on your campus
    – Carrying my Bible was a conversation starter among other Christians as well. Countless believers approached me, and we’d be encouraged! Having worked on a high school campus for 5 years now, I’ve seen many Christians in public schools feel alone on campus, when that’s rarely true! If every “lonely” Christian knew how many others were actively following Jesus on their campus, I know that many would be encouraged.
  5. Christian unity around the world
    – By showing a symbolic solidarity with fellow Christians, we are united by our faith in Christ and are stirred to pray by this constant reminder in our hands and on our desks.
  6. Celebrating freedom
    – Often faith can be motivated by a sense of duty or guilt, but our perspective changes when we remember that we are free in Christ! For most of us, we are free to worship and carry our Bibles. Let’s use November 2 as an opportunity to celebrate not only our religious freedom but our freedom in Christ. Jesus has freed us and sent us – let’s celebrate!
  7. This is up to you to decide! Why will you participate in Off the Shelf as either a sponsor or a student? Comment in the post below, or share on your preferred social media sites using #otsglobal”
So, friends, will you take James’s challenge with us and take your Bible “off the shelf” for the persecuted church? We double-dog dare you!

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