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About Kalahandi:

Kalahandi district occupies the South Western portion of Odisha (Orissa) border to the North by the Bolangir district and Nuapada district, to the South by the Nabarangpur, Rayagada district and to the East by Kandhamal district. It is covered with dense forest and is a hilly area. Most of the people living in this area are tribals.

The district of Kalahandi has often been in news for its death by starvation and poverty. Kalahandi is among India’s 250 most impoverished districts and is rated amongst one of the 1 impoverished districts in Odisha (Orissa).

About Urladani village:

Urladani village itself is a Rural Local Administrative area (Gram Panchayat), which comes under the Madanpur Rampur Block of Kalahandi district.

Urladani is covered with hills and forest. A river runs through this village dividing it into two parts and there is no over bridge for the villagers to commute from one part to the other. People have to depend on handmade wooden boats, which is their only mode of transportation in Urladani and to its surrounding villages which is life threatening for them.

During the rainy season, the water levels of the river rise and due to high water current it’s a risk to the lives of the commuters.

The villagers have no other option but to cross the river to meet their daily needs. The river causes a major hindrance for children of this village to go to school. Not all the children are able to attend school because of the river.

Though more than 45 villages are located at the other end of the river, the Odisha (Orissa) government has ignored the desperate need for the over bridge.

In spite of all these challenges, the Open Doors team in India carried the Children’s Bible’s across the river, by using handmade wooden boats as the means for transporting the Bibles for the Children’s Bible Distribution Program.


Feedback of Kalahandi Children’s Bible Distribution Program

Rita Naik, a resident of Urladani and studying in Grade 9 expressed her joy on receiving the Bible. She told Open Doors, “I come from a poor family and could never afford this Bible. I am very delighted to receive this free of cost from Open Doors. I thank God and Open Doors for such a nice gift. I pray that Open Doors would organize more children programs like this in the coming days for other poor children to be blessed.”

Rajesh Nayak from Urladani, studying in Grade 5 told Open Doors, “I am very happy to receive this pictorial children Bible. I have never seen this kind of a Bible in my life but God has provided this for me. I am very thankful to God and Open Doors for providing this free of cost. I will read it daily and know more about God and develop my spiritual life. May the Lord bless Open Doors for helping children like me.”

Snehali Majhi, a resident of village Jagannathpur studies in Grade 4. She shared her feelings with Open Doors, “I never thought I will own this Bible one day. It is a beautiful colourful pictorial Bible and very easy to understand by looking at the pictures. I am curious to read it and develop my spiritual knowledge. Please pray for my studies and my future so that I can study well and God’s name may be glorified. I give my heartiest thanks to Open Doors for gifting this Bible to me.”

Baspina Nayak in Grade 7 from village Sunagaon expressed her gratitude to Open Doors by saying, “I never thought that I would receive a pictorial colour Bible as a gift. I could never afford the Bible and had never seen it. My heart is full of joy holding this Bible in my hand. I will read it and pray daily. I thank God and I am grateful to Open Doors for their concern for the poor children.

Manisha Digal from Jagannathpur village studying in Grade 7 was excited to share about how she felt after receiving the colourful picture Bible. “I had seen this Bible before and wanted to buy this, but my parents could not afford. I am over joyed to receive this Bible today. I assure you that I will read it daily and make a good use of it. I am thankful to Open Doors and grateful to God for this wonderful gift. I pray and request OD to organize more programs through which many children like me will be benefitted.

Parameswar Nag, a boy of Ghamataguda village studying in Grade 6 told Open Doors, “As a poor boy, I was unable to afford it but God provided me through their servants free of cost. It was something very necessary for me. I will read it daily, meditate and know more about the word of God. This picture Bible will help me to understand easily the stories of Bible. I am very thankful to God and Open Doors for their gift and their concern for poor children.


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