Choosing Jesus in Iran—no matter the cost

May 12, 2022 by Tim Dustin in Stories of Persecution

Choosing Jesus in Iran—no matter the cost

For Ali and Zahra, they knew becoming a Christian in Iran could come with a cost: they could face rejection from family and friends, isolation at their place of work and persecution by local government. Yet, they chose Jesus—no matter the cost.

Blindfolded, beaten, interrogated and imprisoned

Even upon release, the life they knew was gone; every day in the country was a day more where they could face the same persecution. They had no choice but to leave everything—their family, friends and home.

Ali and Zahra believe in the power of prayer, and it was prayer that helped them persevere through their extreme trials. (Read their full story here.) As the Church, let’s pray for our brother and sister. Let’s pray they’ll find opportunity in their new country, continued peace with having left so much behind and a resilient faith to praise Jesus, even through the cost.

Lord, please hear our prayers for our courageous brother and sister. Let them feel the unity of their Family. Amen.

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